Knife Sharpening Service

Knife Sharpening Service Available

Enter your details via our ONLINE SHOPPING and receive regular invitations to bring your knives to the shop for sharpening and repair. Our knife sharpening guru will restore your knives, garden shears, axes and secateurs back to their original glory. We will send out an email alert to let you know when to bring your cutting implements in and pick them up the next day! We ask that you wrap your implements in a sturdy shopping bag or tea towel and label with your name.

Fees vary between $5 for a simple blade sharpen up to $8 for an axe. You would pay twice that at Mister Minute! Implements must be delivered to the Butchery before midday on the designated day. As this is strictly a proxy system we ask that payments be made in cash as we make no claims for this service.

This service is only available to local shoppers in the West Gordon area.