Knife Sharpening Service

This is a great opportunity to get those knives ready for your Winter Cooking! Whether meat or vegetable knives, get them nice and sharp. Remember you only cut yourself with a blunt knife as a sharp knife cuts food more easily without using undue force.

If you would like our Sharpener Specialist to sharpen your knives, axes, garden sheers etc. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE by Craig, please place an order here and we will advise you of his next visit.

We would ask you drop them off the day before and I will proxy them off to him. He charges about $ 5 per knife depending on the size, but this service would cost double that at mister minute.

You can pick up the knives the next time you visit or the next day. Please make sure you label your knives with your full name and wrap in a tea towel or pouch.

Craig will pay cash to the Sharpener, so please bring some cash with you when you collect, thank you.

Price: $5.00
Basic price: $5.00 / Kg
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