Why Shop at Craig's Butchery?

  • Front of shop parking
  • Local meat specialist and smallgood maker.
  • 30 years experience
  • Award Winning Meats
  • Personal Service
  • Product Label identification-including Price, use by date, cooking tips, Allergen declaration, ingredients.
  • Supports Local community fundraising
  • Supports Kid's Cancer Project
  • Community Events-Tour De France Presentation
  • Butchery Workshops
  • Finalist 2017 Better Business Awards-Sustainable Transport
  • Regular Shopping Rewards program. FREE to join with genuine savings vouchers or in shop reward gifts!
  • Supporting Healthy lifestyle through Cycling and good Nutrition
  • Member Cycling NSW-Northern Sydney Cycle Club
  • Knife Sharpening Service-Register to our website to receive notifications
  • Nominated for 2 cycling awards due to inspiring the general public to take up cycling-Cycling Promotion Fund 2017


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