Chicken and Game

Chemical and Water Free Chicken

La Ionica is a poultry producer who started as a small family business

on the Melbourne fringes. Today they supply quality poultry to all of Victoria & New South Wales. La Ionica Poultry use an air chilling method in processing which eliminates the use of chemical bleach.

This Italian family business has grown from a small 300 birds to now processing over 300,000 birds a week. The birds are allowed to roam in open sheds & allowed to feed and drink when they like.

Because the birds are chilled via forced air there is no water retention within the flesh on the bird. Therefore no water emanates from the chicken during the cooking process. Not only resulting in a more firmer cooked chicken but you are not paying for water!


GameFarm - Duck, Spatchcock, Quail, Kangaroo, Rabbit

We are now stocking Game Farm products on a fortnightly basis. If you would like to order some game meats please order over the phone. We would be happy to supply you with some suggestions or cooking ideas to impress your overseas visitors or guests.


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