Grass Fed Beef Facts

Ageing of Beef

After rigor mortis passes off the meat enters a stage where by the meat ages and ripens. During this stage the meat is tenderised by the chemical action of Lactic Acid and enzymes on the connective tissues, converting them into a gellatinous mass. Thereby allowing the meat to soften and become more tender.

Ageing and ripening can be hastened by higher temperatures and controlled by efficient refridgeration. Where possible we try to age our beef for at least 14 days prior to sale. Freezing the meat stops the effects of ageing.

Craig's Butchery has been serving the best aged beef in Pymble for almost 20 years. Aged beef is something you should add to your bucket list. Ask for our quality aged beef on your next visit, you'll love it!! Guaranteed!!!!!!!

Grass Fed Beef from Murray Valley Meats

Craig's beef supply is second to none as all our beef is free range, grass fed and hormone free from Warragul Victoria. Our beef is dry aged for approximately 2 weeks, this allows the meat to gain maximum tenderness and flavour. Young eastern Victorian Angus breeds are our choice as this tried and tested breed has excellent confirmation qualities.

Roast Beef Our Specialty

roasted rump steak

We can cut a piece of beef to suit your roasting needs. From small roasts for two right up to the large catering needs of a large family gathering!


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