Craig's Sausages

SausThin When we think of sausages we often think of those old "Mystery Bags" from the 1970's and 80's. Thanks to a import of immigrants over the years our variety and quality of our sausages has improved greatly. Nowadays we have a variety of sausages which just about covers all corners of the globe.

When Craig first started in the business over 20 years ago the customer would ask for sausages and the butcher would ask "Would you like thick or thin"?. Thanks to some adventurous butchers and maybe a little thanks to " Kell " we now enjoy quality sausages which now find their way into many exotic dishes.

Craig first started making his Continental Italian sausage back in 1990, inspired by his father in law Aldo. Aldo approached Craig about getting some pork together so he could make some Italian traditional sausage. So Craig got to work, boning pork, adding spices & finally producing the sausage. The sausage was so delicious he decided to create his own version based on the traditional recipe. Our Italian Continental Sausage is still one of our biggest sellers to this day!

These days Craig makes quite a selection of sausages from our famous "Award Winning Pork and parsley" to our deliciously scrumptious Rosemary and Garlic sausages. Craig has a sausage to suit almost any taste and palate. His Smoked Chicken Sausages are fantastic used as a pizza topping, adding flavour and a genuine smoked aroma.

  • Lamb and Rosemary
  • Spicy Merguez
  • Tuscan Pork
  • Pork & Porcini
  • Old English
  • Continental Italian
  • Gourmet Chicken and Chive
  • Gluten free beef
  • Craig's Classic Thick & Thin Beef

Saus-ThickHow to BBQ the Perfect Sausage

The first thing you need for a perfect barbequed sausage is a top quality reputable sausage. Make sure your sausage is allowed to get up to room temperature (never try and cook a frozen or partly thawed sausage!). This allows the sausage to cook more evenly and more thoroughly. Make sure your cooking surface has been properly heated, you should hear a sizzle when the sausage contacts the cooking surface.

Tip. If you are trying to cook more than one type or variety of sausage try alligning one variety of sausage in one direction on the bbq & another variety in the opposite direction thus keeping then separate from one another. Another way from telling sausages apart on the bbq is to buy different species of sausages e.g. chicken sausages cook up pale in colour whereas beef cook up dark brown.

Under no circumstances should you ever prick a sausage, not only does this dry out the sausage but also allows for flare up which usually ends in a charcol sausage!

Once the sausage has cooked through to about halfway (you can tell by looking at the sausage as it changes colour through to the middle). Turn you sausage over carefully without pressing or damaging the casing. The sausage should now cook for the same length of time on this side, until you see the middle cooked. You can test the sausage by cutting it in half to see if it is cooked, the cook usually keeps this sausage for him or herself as a treat for  a job well done!

Your sausage is now ready to be served in your favourite fashion i.e. Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, Chutney, cooked onions.......etc


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