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The secret: Don't be tempted to Overcook

Pork is at its best when the juices run pink to clear, so don't be tempted to overcook it.
For tender cutlets, steaks and smaller cuts, sizzle over medium heat for just 3 – 4 minutes each side and for roasts, cook at 180˚C for 30 - 40 minutes per kilogram.

When the meat is still slightly pink in the middle, you know your pork has been cooked to perfection.

A Healthy Alternative

Lean Pork has less fat then skinless chicken breast. Look for these Heart Foundation approved lean cuts trimmed of visible fat: leg steaks and rump steaks, stir fry strips, loin steaks, cutlets and fillets.

Pork is also rich in important vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, riboflavin and B12 as well as iron, zinc and magnesium.


Lean Pork has less fat than skinless chicken breast!

Not only is lean pork lower in fat than skinless chicken breast, it also has twice the iron. Look for these Heart Foundation approved lean Pork cuts, trimmed of visible fat:

Leg Steak, Rump Steak, Leg Schnitzel, Leg Strips, Fillet, Butterfly Steak and Medallion Steak.

Not only is pork low in fat, but the fats present are predominantly the preferred unsaturated fats.

Premium Leg Hams

Cropping-SuggestionOtway-Pork--021077Now you can enjoy free range ham every day of the year! Bred Free Range so it's more tender and juicy and has lots more flavour.

Pork lovers everywhere have been asking for our hams.

Our premium quality hams are made form 100% Australian Pork in the traditional way for a deliciously natural flavour you can enjoy all year round.

How to get Perfect Crackling!

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To get perfect crackling you first need to boil a jug of water and pour the boiling water over your scored pork skin.

Then your pork skin must be completely patted dry with a paper towel. Once dry, your skin should be rubbed with salt and a little pepper.

This process opens up the pores in the skin allowing the skin to dry and bubble when exposed to high heat!.

The next secret to perfect crackling is to make sure your oven is pre-heated to the maximum temperature, lets say 250 degres celcius. You should then place your prepared pork roast in the oven for at least 20-30 minutes before turning your oven down to cook at 180 degres for the remaining duration cooking time!.

This process should ensure almost perfect crackling every time.


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