Luke's Fundraising Dinner - Inspirational!

Good food, good conversation & lots of goodwill was the only way to describe Luke's dinner talk. The event saw over 100 guests gathered together to listen to and be inspired by Luke's amazing adventure through Eastern European

Luke made a grand entrance by riding into the venue fully decked out with all the gear he took on the trip. more...


He then went on to explain the things he saw, the places he went to and the people he met. Luke has everyone's attention when he told some of his more dramatic stories. Such as the story of the Romanian Bear and the Watermelon in the market place.

The night saw a more serious note when Peter Neilson, Chief Exectutive from The Kids Cancer Project, spoke about childhood cancer. We were all moved by Peters' emotive description of childhood cancer and how it needs more funding.

Paul Frontczak (our MC) made sure the preceedings kept moving along at a clock work tempo. Your's truly made sure the Raffle tickets were selling at a terrific rate ably assisted by my wife, my daughter and Renee Perry-Gore. As a result of our donation to the club of the meat, dinner ticket sales and the Raffle ticket sales over $2,000 was raised!!!

The biggest show stealer of the night was our guest speaker Luke Perry-gore. Luke showed real maturity in presenting us all with his story. I thought of a few words to describe his talk dramatic, natural, interesting, intriguing, honest, funny, engaging and most of all Inspiring. One of the comments I overheard someone say was that Luke is a "natural" at public speaking. I would have to agree with that statement. I happened to look around the room as Luke was speaking and not one eye had strayed from where Luke was standing. Congratulations to you Luke, job well done!

Lastly I would like to thank all the guests who attended for without you there wouldn't have been audience to inspire.



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