Easter Holiday Cooking

Beef Scotch fillet was marinated in olive oil, pepper, mustard, thyme & sea salt then allowed to attain room temperature before being seared on a hot grill top! The beef was cooked very slowly on the wood coals, I carefully rolled the meat back and forth across the top of the grill. The beef was cooked perfectly rare on the inside and well done on the outside. Corinne and the children had the well done pieces while I had the rare!

For the lamb dish I decided to bone a loin of lamb and cut it up as lamb steaks. As we vacuum packed all our meat for our camping holiday it was much safer to vac pack boneless cuts as bone in cuts are liable to perforate the packaging. The lamb steaks were marinated and lightly barbequed on the hot grill, very tasty and tender! Perfect with a tossed salad.

Easter Sunday Breakfast was Double smoked bacon and eggs! We only had one fry pan and that was taken up with eggs so I did the bacon on the bbq grill. By doing the bacon on the grill I acheived a double smoked bacon delight. Smoke from the coals on the grill added to the smoked flavour which our bacon naturally has.


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