Holy Family Christmas Market: Craig Hams it up!

Craig's Butchery had its first introduction into the Holy Family School Christmas market. We didn't know what to expect but we did know that we had lots of fans of our Ham after the market!. Even the school children kept comiing back to taste and re-taste our famous Leg Ham.

Craig was joined by a sales representative Jason who did a fabulous job giving out samples of his Moist Fruit cakes and Puddings. We even had Craig & Jason doing a (Jamie Oliver) inspired cooking demonstration! The "Artise Meat Rubs"were so popular we sold out within 20 minutes! Even an almightly thunderstorm during the night couldn't keep the punters away. The most humbling part for Craig was when a retired butcher from the UK turned up to try his Smoked Ham. Very sceptical to start with he was full of praise after trying Craig's own Smoked Ham. Craig puts the quality of his ham down to a more hands on approach to Ham production plus the Otway pork supply that he uses exclusively to make the ham.


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