Meal Ideas

  • cutlet-potatomash425
  • roast-lamb-lemon-honey425
  • beef pad thai
  • Spaghe-Bolog
  • rosemary-lambshanks425
  • lambchops asparagus feta425
  • pork ceaser430x225b
  • Beef-pasta-salad425
  • Pork Cutlet with Potato Mash CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Roast Lamb with Lemon & Honey CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Beef Pad Thai - CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise Sauce CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Rosemary Lamb Shanks CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Lamb Chops with Feta Tomato and Asparagus CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Pork Caesar Salad - CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Beef and Pasta Salad - CLICK FOR RECIPE

Looking for Superb, Quality Meats?

Craig's Butchery has won Multiple awards over many years for:

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  • Sausage making
  • Ready to cook marinated meats
  • Smoked and cured products
  • Succulent hams, pork and beef

Our philosophy is to supply meat to a discerning client who is looking for something a little better. More about us...

Craig is riding 2,000km this March for Camp Quality.

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After a successful ride this year in Victoria riding the Alpine Classic, Craig is setting some fundraising targets for Camp Quality through riding his bike. Craig has set a target of 2,000km for the month of March and is asking for help to reach his goal of $720. Camp Quality supports children aged up to 15 years old dealing with cancer. Camp Quality provides kids, their siblings and parents with exciting experiences, education, specialised care in a supportive environment at camps and retreats.

Craig takes a bike rather than an oar to the Sydney Regatta Center

This weekend in NSW Masters Cycling, Craig ventured out to the former Olympic Sydney Regatta Center at Penrith. Every 12 months Auscycling(the National body for cycling) organise State Championships for Masters cyclists in generally 3 different diciplines. Time Trial(race against the clock), Criterium(circuit race) and Road Race. 

Craig rides for Northern Sydney Cycling Club and races in the Masters 6 age category. Today Auscycling organised the Criterium Championships on a tight rectangular course right beside the lake. 

Just to set the stage, riders converge from all over NSW to take part with former Olympians, National Champions and former professionals rocking up in hope to claim the State title as NSW Criterium Champion! No mean feat you might say but Craig has been closely following a very strict training plan under the watchful eye of a former professional cyclist.

Out of 21 starters in a combined age race Craig finished 1st in his age group and first overall! 

Craig goes by the alias 'Craig the Butcher' on his Stava account and on this occassion he literally carved up his opposition.


Order Now for Easter!

Either order online, over the phone or via email to secure your Easter meat goodies.

Lamb is always the sort after cut during this holiday season. Whether its a butterfly leg, joint roast, loin roast, Rack or shoulder please put your order in EARLY!




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