Meal Ideas

  • cutlet-potatomash425
  • roast-lamb-lemon-honey425
  • beef pad thai
  • Spaghe-Bolog
  • rosemary-lambshanks425
  • lambchops asparagus feta425
  • pork ceaser430x225b
  • Beef-pasta-salad425
  • Pork Cutlet with Potato Mash CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Roast Lamb with Lemon & Honey CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Beef Pad Thai - CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise Sauce CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Rosemary Lamb Shanks CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Lamb Chops with Feta Tomato and Asparagus CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Pork Caesar Salad - CLICK FOR RECIPE
  • Beef and Pasta Salad - CLICK FOR RECIPE

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Craig's Butchery has won Multiple awards over many years for:

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  • Sausage making
  • Ready to cook marinated meats
  • Smoked and cured products
  • Succulent hams, pork and beef

Our philosophy is to supply meat to a discerning client who is looking for something a little better. More about us...


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